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UK : 1h 55m : 2023 : Certificate '15'

Directed by James Smith

SUNDAY 11 JUNE : 8.00PM 


TICKETS: £9.00 

We are delighted to present the World Premiere of this hilarious take on British crime thrillers.

Billy, Neil and Dave run a failing corporate video production business in a small town in Essex on the River Thames. One soul-destroying video job after another eventually causes Billy to crack and he vows to give up on the business altogether. But then he experiences a Eureka! moment and makes a potentially life-changing decision, a decision he’s convinced will pull them out of financial strife: they will make a ‘geezer movie’!


With agonising incompetency and innocently lacking in political correctness, the boys begin production. Nevertheless, very soon, even in the face of adversity - but with all the benefits of naivety

- Billy’s sights become firmly set on winning the highest movie accolade of them all...‘Best Geezer’ at THE GEEZERS!

The question is, will their film - produced on loose change, second-rate equipment and non- professional actors - be good enough? Will it stand up to the tradition of quality geezer movies made by the big boys in London? Will they get a stab at the top prize?

Throughout this eye-popping and agonising process, the boys are forced to reassess their lives, goals and relationships.

We are delighted that producer/co-writer Caroline Spence and director/co-writer James Smith will be joining us, with other members of the cast and crew.

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