about the white bus

We are based at The Old Waterworks, an arts centre housed in a Victorian water works, where we have our office and Cinema. We specialise in film and video production, distribution, education and exhibition.

To the local film going, in addition to this festival, we are perhaps best known for our monthly film shows at the Palace Theatre, Westcliff, and other screenings in South East Essex. We are also delighted to present, each January, ‘Horror-on-Sea’, a festival showcasing new independent horror films - click here to find out more.

Our Cinema is available for private hire for previews, birthday parties, etc. Our Archive is home to over 3,000 reels of 16mm and 35mm film, comprising over 270 British feature films, an extensive collection of material by iconic director Lindsay Anderson (whose drama documentary The White Bus inspired our company name) and hundreds of short films, documentaries and cartoons. Selections from the Archive are shown in our Cinema every Wednesday evening from 7pm. These are public shows, and admission is free, so please do join us! The films in the Archive are also available for private viewing in the Cinema.

Do please get in touch if you would like to know more about our activities.

Managing Director: The White Bus Ltd 
Festival Director: Southend-on-Sea Film Festival and Horror on Sea Film Festival


Festival Director: Paul Cotgrove


Festival Director's PA Gala Night: Heather Vine


Front of House Manager (Opening Gala): David Simpson

VIP Assistants:  Claudia Brown & Fran Brown

Front of House Managers (Main Festival): Vanda Moyse & Jan Wallis

Financial Director: Stephen Podgorney

Funding Manager: Giles Tofield

Programming: Paul Cotgrove

Public Relations: Tracy Jones

Brochure Editor & Programme Notes: David Simpson

Website Design & Development: Vanda Moyse

Brochure Design & Development: Lucy Player

Social Media Manager: Lou Dobson

Photography: Niki Cornish

Projection Team: Guy Douglas, Kevin Faulkner  & Chris Izod


Festival Technical Support: Brian Warrens, Harrison Aston-Jobin, Richard Laverick & Jamie Mather 

Festival Assistants: Tina Cotgrove, Debbie Douglas, Robert Farrow, Gaile MacDonald, Charlie Navarro, Diane Pinnock & Roger Robinson

Special Thanks: Daryl Easlea, Neil Harding,  Phil Morrison, Art of The Village, Adam Ramet, Philip Rogers & Rebekah Louisa Smith - The Film Festival Doctor

Please email filmfestival@thewhitebus.org.uk if you wish to contact any member of the team